Opening ConcertWomen composers around Felip Pedrell


Tuesday 18 July19:00 – talk20:30 - concert

ReialsCol·legisin Tortosa

See locationTickets: €5**Includes a wine tasting from Celler Mas de Manxol

The quartet Accent>Ensemble was born thanks to the initiative of a group of musicians living and working in the Terres de l’Ebre region who are passionate about chamber music. Each member of the group has already enjoyed their own personal music career separately before forming this joint project. The objectives of the quartet include the research, sharing and enjoyment of chamber music from any period.

Among the varied musical interests they have taken a deeper look at, Accent>Ensemble are currently working on recovering the previously unpublished musical heritage of women composers who were disciples of the composer Felip Pedrell -1841-1922-. They have recovered compositions by Ll. Casagemas, Ll. Bosch, N. Freixes and A. Armengol. For this concert, Accent>Ensemble will perform with an invited artist, the renowned soprano Teresa Garrigosa, who is leading the research into women composers from our region.

Teresa Garrigosa will also give the talk Women Composers, which will take place before the concert.


Lluïsa Casagemas, Spain’s first women composer -TV3 News-
Premier of A la clara nit by Felip Pedrell -Accent Ensemble-